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I am getting the Texas license within the next couple of weeks and want to align all my ducks before I get handed my license.

1. Mold contract (order form): ask Dr. SHANE for a copy of contract
2. Mold equipment: inspectorshop.com
3. Mold broshures: inspectorshop. com
4. Mold training : texas specific
5. Mold licensure :texas specific

Did I miss anything??
SignEd up, Flight Checked, and hotel booked with wifey
Simply say you are getting booked for the week and you wanted to give them the opportunity to get an appointment in before you are completely full. Their answer will quickly tell you why they didn't schedule with you. Ie, competitor prices, utilities are not on yet...etc.

In my case, if competitor price is not outrageouslu low, I match and say I would hate for them to loose out on our 5 benefits ( 90day warranty, mold, sewer, recall, and 5yr roof warranty) for a few dollar difference. They end up canceling other inspection and going with us.
About $7500 with a termite inspection, no more than 2 full days between 2 inspectors and submitted report on the 3rd day.
Always Be Closing

The ABC's of business
Any word on this free websites and hosting?
I recently purchased realtyinspections.net

Registering this week!!! Can't wait!!! So exited!!! Yippy!!!
Thanks Joe
Speaking of which, where and what is a good type of glove to use for removing dead front covers?
Realty inspections dot net
Ok.guys what's items are you using for tax write of purposes?
Of course there would at a corporate level and personal level and or self employeed level.

The goal here is to get as many legitimate write off in one areas for all to use to our benefit as home inspectors.
If we each can contrubite 5, that works be great

Here are a few:
1.If you use your personal cell phone @50% business related, you can deduct that 50% (personal taxes)
2. If you use your internet at home for business @50%, you can write that off (personal taxes)
3.business cards (corporate, llc, personal)
4. Education (corporate,llc)
5.Membership dues (corporate, llc)
Just bought one, Thanks bud!!
Could be wind sheer, rapid temperature change if ducts sits right above it, and or somebody doesnt know how to walk in attic space..
Typically its wind sheer though, due to drywall nailed into truss bottom joist (or rafter joists) and when those move due to wind sheer, it causes the non flexing drywall to crack
This is my comment, but it's not always the case that the shingles are worn. Also, most of the time, the evaporative coolers are winterized and can't be verified if they are actually leaking.

I was thinking of just pointing out the dirty shingles and just stating that shingles are just dirty and not worn.

[[COOLER SHINGLES]]Asphalt shingles shown to be near worn near cooler area, recommend replacement of area shingles
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