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Messages posted by: brad@eahi.biz
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What is everybody seeing since the mortgage rate drop earlier this week? I think we should expect another drop in rates soon as I think consumer confidence in the banking system is shaken and the treasury notes will drop due to these bank failures. What are your thoughts?
We are considering including sewer scopes in our base home inspection due to the prevalence rates of defects we see in lines regardless of age and the expense associated with repairs. Has anyone else looked at moving in this direction? I think its in the client's best interests to have it performed and the 1yr sewer guard warranty with the scoping defrays the cost with extra protection for repairs over the next year. Out of all the home inspectors in Opelika, I believe we are the only Opelika home inspectors performing Opelika home inspections with sewer scopes and a sewer guard warranty to provide protection for our clients. I believe this is the direction in which the industry needs to move.
when your searching for Opelika Home inspectors consider this and give East Alabama Home Inspectors a call. With mortgage rates dropping and the built up inventory from the previous high rates, now is the perfect time to get a thorough inspection for you or your clients to save you/them money on possible big ticket repair items that a basic inspection misses and health and safety items for the home. In addition, having the host of 125 day warranties, the 1 year $100,000 structural warranty, and the 5 year roof leak warranty all free with your/their inspection should make you our your clients feel comfortable in your/their new home.
http://eahi.biz.">Alabama and Georgia, the two areas we service have a high humidity and plenty of rain. In fact Alabama is considered a rain forest region. Microbial growth is abundant several months out of the year and can be encountered any time indoors, in basements, or crawlspaces. Most Clients with conventional foundation homes do not realize the relationship between microbial growth in the crawlspace and poor indoor air quality that can make family members and pets feel ill. We focus on indoor air quality because we want our clients to be healthy and happy in their home and enjoy their refuge from the rest of the world, work, and worries. To learn more about indoor air quality surveys, testing, and neighborhood environmental impact reports in Alabama and Georgia visit us on the web at http://eahi.biz.
I would love to collaborate with you on this idea. My education background is in clinical psychology and I often read body language, intonation, and employ reflective listening, and lowered voice when sharing information about health and safety issues and big ticket items if I notice the client becomes alarmed. I have wanted to develop this course for agents for about 4 years now. please let me know if you would like to collaborate. My email is Brad@eahi.biz. http://eahi.biz,">We inspect for many health and safety items and big ticket items that other inspectors in the area do not, as you can see from our website, http://eahi.biz, and I believe some agents fear that it will kill deals.
I recently inspected a house for a client in Montgomery, AL that was concerned about moisture and mold in a home that they had purchased 4 months earlier. The home was built in 1989 and had a slab foundation. We found several sources of moisture from failed thermal panes in aluminum framed windows to bathrooms without ventilation/window/or fan with carpet. The greatest source of moisture by far was the sub slab ductwork. Once we ran our chimney camera down into the ducts we found over 4inches of standing water. The client pumped out just over 372 gallons later that day. The water was entering at the exterior where the single package unit was tied to the ducts. I realize the potential flaws of this construction and why its not more prevalent. Has anyone else had experience with sub slab ductwork? Also, I love the utility capability of these 360degree cameras, technology makes such a difference for this http://eahi.biz."> Auburn Home Inspector, http://eahi.biz.

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