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Messages posted by: Henry "Sonny" Toman
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This is more than I had hoped for to be perfectly honest. I am very impressed with the video library! I am really excited about being part of the Top 3.0 and am working to implement this as quickly as I can.

Thanks Nathan & ISG!

Hi all,

I am working on a mold testing website and want to promote the warranty offered by InspectorLab properly. Often I will perform a mold test during a home inspection because water stains or a water leak is observed. If the test comes back normal with no problem growth would this warranty apply even if the water stain or leak was observed, reported and the reason for the mold test? The portion of the terms of service that concern me are in bold. Please help me to understand this.

1. New visible mold:If no visible mold or moisture
issues were reported at anytime during the course
of the home inspection
, evaluation or testing, and
the laboratory results are negative for problem mold
or growth, this agreement covers the remediation
(removal) of visible mold on surfaces permanently
installed in the subject property.

I gotta say, I love it! Just about every client I work for is concerned about mold. I inspect a lot of recently renovated (flipped) homes that are rife with plumbing leaks. While most of the leaks that I find are easily fixed, any evidence of water damage in a home the client thought of as "like new" becomes a major concern. If the home is cleared, great! If the home isn't, now my client knows what they are facing: tear out, dry out, treatment and repair. They decide if it is worth it and I'm the hero. I love it.

Thanks ISG for all of the support getting started!

Now, if I could just get my videos...

Great video! 1st American Home Inspections, LLC needs one asap!
Hey guys,

I gotta start promoting the concierge service! I haven't had a complaints or questions but haven't done anything other than update my agreement. How do I use this as a selling point? Cat was gonna send me flyers and Mike was gonna get me a video...I must be holding this up somehow...??? I would like to use the flyer as a page on my site too.
Hey Nathan,

What are your thoughts on Search Engine Optimizers? Outfits like: LocalSplash, Main Street Host, Adcom8, etc.? Is paid SEO necessary to really get noticed, or can I truly do it myself organically?

Hey Guys,

After 3 months with Local Splash, I'm not feeling it. Anyone else have a better result? Anyone really satisfied with a specific Search Engine Optimizer? One of the support guys for Home Inspector Pro suggested that I could get to the first page of google organically by doing my own SEO. Anyone tried it?

Thanks in advance!
Hey Nathan,

I gotta say, I started posting here to improve my SEO. This really is helping according to the SEO people I talk to. Not a whole lot, but it doesn't cost anything. Thanks!
It gets better and better!


Happy Thanksgiving to my brothers and sisters in arms! I hope that you have much to be thankful for!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of the hard working Real Estate Pros out there! I hope that you have much to be thankful for!
Thanks fellas,

I was really wondering why he would not be interested in advertising that the home had been inspected and ALL of the repairs were made?? The radon results were low, and mold was normal. Seems like he missed out on a marketing UPS right??
Nathan, share a website that you've designed and I'll help the guys SEO a little by checking it out. 3rd post by the way.
And for entry #2, I'll let you know I just ordered the Ultimate Home Books to replace the "other guys" books for all of my clients and some Realtors as well. I passed a sample around to family and friends and they all thought that it was better.
Count me in! I own 20 domains and 19 of them are 301 redirects!
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