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Nathan wrote:If you're running a home inspection business, there are a lot of ways to look good...and quite a few ways to make yourself look bad! Whether you've been in the business for decades or are just getting started, don't fall into these traps...
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1. Billing for your services with PayPal.

You know those generic emails you get from PayPal with the button that says "Click here to see invoice"? Well, if you're using PayPal to bill when you take credit cards from your customers you just don't look like a real business. I know its harsh, but if you're using the same service to bill as the seller of a used couch on Ebay, the optics are really bad. In home inspection there are a couple of awesome Administrative Software options like the ones you will find at http://www.NXTinspekt.com and http://www.InspectionSupport.net
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2. Answering your own phone.

These days consumers always get frustrated when they have to call a big business like an airline or their bank. They expect automated systems, long hold times, and endless menus followed by an outsourced call center where they can only hope to understand what the person on the other end of the line has to say is understandable. While this is far from what one might expect from a local service provider, your clients definitely get the wrong impression when the inspector, personally, answers the call. Again, I know it's harsh but it just isn't perceptively a real business at that point. At the very least, get a rollover call center for after hours and while you're in an inspection so clients know you're serious about your business. http://inspectionsuccess.net/callcenter

3. Posting political stuff on Facebook and other social media.

Whether you are in small town USA or a big metropolitan area...the real estate community is small. What you say in social media matters, so avoid debates about guns, abortion, gays, immigration, or anything else our elected representatives seem to want to focus on. That's their fight, not yours, it's a waste of time, it's not going to change a thing, and it very rarely helps your business (it only hurts it). The kind of people that post all day about that stuff and would appreciate your posts on the topic are generally unsuccessful and don't have much to offer you in the way of referrals.

best anonymous vps hosting 4. Bad Brochures.

There's nothing that screams lack of professionalism quite like dated and generic home inspection brochures. If you don't have at least a couple one-liners on the front about a guarantee or a warranty, great graphics, full color, and thousands to distribute all over town, you will not be an option for most. Brochures, designed professionally, are probably the least expensive and most important thing you can do for your home inspection business to show you are a true professional. For under $500, you can get 5000 of them here: http://inspectorshop.net/premium-custom-design-trifold-brochures/ - same goes for websites by the way, so get a great brochure and then get the graphics to a web guy to make your brand consistent.

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5. No service offered!

Okay, so you offer one service: Home Inspections. But what do clients need? What do your competitors offer? The common list of items you need to add to your business now includes Termite, Radon, Well & Septic, Water Sampling, Mold Testing, Pool & Spa, Irrigation Systems, asbestos testing, and Radon. You can knock out all of the environmental ones at once at http://www.InspectorLab.com

6. Lack of Uniforms and Vehicles with branding
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It may seem simple, but so many inspectors miss out on this opportunity to look professional and market their business. You don't have to go out and spend a lot of money either - logo wear can start in the $25 range per shirt and simple magnets on your truck for now can run $100 with design. Save your $1500-$3000 wrap for later if you want, which may be never as the ROI on this investment is highly contested.
very good info
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