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Messages posted by: Rob Jude
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Bring snacks. Have some sort of drawing (raffle). Try to make it fun. Be upbeat, positive, and confident. Remember they are already using someone for the services you offer and things are going just fine... why should they switch to you?
where are you located? most often you have to find inspectors outside of your coverage area to shadow as one wants to train their competition
I just finished a 1800 sq ft house for a couple hot young "partners" from Ecuador. it took me approx. 3 hours and there really wasn't much wrong... I just didn't want to leave for some reason
import taxes should be used to fund EPA, OSHA, LABOR BOARDS, FDA and every other organization that companies are avoiding by moving over seas.
I have had several people ask me for a "maintenance inspection" or "can you figure out where this smell is coming from" inspections. I charge $100 and it takes me less than an hour. That doesn't help your cause but smart consumers don't get ripped off by crooked contractors coming into to fix stuff that is not wrong
what does the outside look like? a hole in itself just needs sealed to keep moisture and pests out. If there is a reason that hole became a hole, something may need addressed
some techs (in all industries) are commissioned on selling extras. sad but true
Ive built several decks without any footings for myself (just set on blocks a few inches under grade) . Ive never had one heave or move. If it does I can fix it and im not concerned with it. That said, I would never build one for someone else without footings.
Short question. The article mentions Tennessee as a largely high area for radon. Is average life span less in Tennessee?
12 of those were mine. how about some credit?
Danelle wrote:Blogging is a great tool for online marketing. When done right, it can boost your SEO, spread brand recognition throughout the web-o-sphere, and help assert you as the expert in your field when you post relevant and helpful topics.

Unfortunately, blogging is pretty much an all or nothing endeavor. If you do not have time to create original content and post regularly, you're better off not doing it at all. If you don't have an entry since 2012, it will appear as though your company has gone out of business or you've just gotten too sidetracked to care. Hiring outside help to blog for you is a viable option, however might be difficult unless you hire someone familiar with your profession.

Bottom line, blogging has a lot to offer however it is time consuming. If this is a path you think you want to explore, make sure you have plenty of ideas for topics ahead of time and post on a regular basis (once a week, twice a month, etc.). Consistency is key!

are you offering to write blogs?
I take a small basket with pens and a little bit of candy a couple times per year and fill up my card and brochure holders. 5 minutes tops.
Now if someone has an open house or other event, I will hang out for an hour or so at their office and mingle

See if Marcel would allow you to tag along for one. He's usually very helpful on message boards and has a wealth of knowledge, you could learn from.

ask Tim Clark lol
Im pretty fond of the F word. lol

all inspectors are different. We have different backgrounds and went to different training. There is a specific SOP (in most states) that must be followed by law. There are several other SOPs that may be followed, ie NACHI, ASHI, NEHI, code, etc but in reality we sort of create our own from past experience that likely encompasses a little of each. I tell clients this up front when I get these. My area of experience is structural, framing, roofing, finish carpentry, siding and im comfortable with all of these more than most but a guy with years as an electrician or HVAC tech will likely find things in those areas that I will not. Training is limited. I also tell everyone that inspections involve opinions and I welcome others. Just make they put them in writing and if they disagree with something, feel free to ask you local AHJ, since they are the ONLY person with any authority on houses
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