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Messages posted by: A_Carl
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Is this acceptable installation of plumbing under the sink. Seems rather severe, even likely to back up. Any help on this is appreciated.
Thanks Mike!
Two heat pumps are tied together by a T into a discharge pump. Is this allowable?
Could I get some input on what this is at the post tension slab. Appears to be some sort of venting within the slab. I have not seen this in my area before. There has been some screen cut away from the opening. It is near the kitchen area of the home.
Could someone tell me if there is a problem here where the Gable end truss meets the top plate above the garage? Specifically regarding the gap between and manner of nailing. New Construction.[img]
Roy Lewis wrote:I have a Flir E4 modified to a E8 Plus . I like it alot.
A lot less money than the E8.
Here it is on Ebay..


NEW FLIR E4 (Upgraded to E8+). This FLIR E4 thermal Imager has been upgraded to E8+ specifications. The resolution has been upgraded to 320 x 240 (originally 80 x 60) which is the same resolution as the FLIR E8. The menu has also been upgraded to give a wider range of options.

Thanks for taking the time to give your input and for the link.
Thanks, that is what I was wanting to differentiate. I appreciate it.
Could someone expound a bit on why the C2 works for them. I see a lot of posts saying it works great for them, but not much about specifically how it helps. While I want to move to doing Infrared, I am looking for equipment that is effective for the scope of a home inspection. Or maybe just direct me to some posts that do expound more on the device. Thanks!
I agree and appreciate the input. Thanks Mike!
Also, my thought was, you still have some moisture in the laundry closet from the washer. I was wondering if that might be enough to contribute to the rust. I know that rust can be caused by other issues, but just thinking that really isn't helping any and I had never seen anyone do that before. They have done some other creative venting of course...lol....they used rolls of tin, and literally rolled them into form for vent use and duct taped it to hold it together at an exhaust vent from a bathroom to the exterior.
Yes, dryer vents to the exterior following a long winding 5 turn path....
What is happening with this vent configuration. I have a vent coming through the wall from the laundry room down the wall on the furnace side then goes into the side of the furnace toward the rear. The wall vent from the laundry wall was passive. Has anyone seen this before? Comments/thoughts invited please. Is this perhaps the reason the furnace also has rusting at the interior (moisture coming from laundry room).
Those post cards are nice Nathan. Thanks for the support! I got a sponsor for a Flir Thermal Imager. Details for the drawing are at the event page. It would be awesome for somebody to walk away with it.

Power Agent Conference and INACHI Arizona Chapter Inaugural Meeting. Feb 8th 6-8 pm in Tucson, AZ. For more information and to register follow the link. Nathan Thornberry is the featured speaker for the event.

They need to definitely place their client's interests first. I have some I work with that absolutely want you to max the inspection and do not consider their time more important than the time their buyer needs for a thorough inspection. Time frames are the last thing an agent should be defining for an inspector. They really need to remove themselves from the inspector selection process and allow the customer to search and hire directly.
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