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Were are you located? Send me an email il give you some advice.
Maintenance is key. Most agents and sellers brag about there heating or cooling system being just a few years old. They figure since they brought it new they didnt need to service it. I find just as many problems with a 3 year old unit that wasnt serviced as a 10 year old unit.
What is testall? What do they offer?
Ive been contiplating buying the flir vue for my drone but could justify spending the money without actually trying it. So this weekend i purchased the flir one ( cheap model that hooks up to phone) i rigged it to drone with cheap gimbal, mirrored phone to tablet and gave it a try. I must say i was pretty impressed with the quality of pictures. For a 300 mode i can't complain.
Is this program still going on. I live in new york. They changed laws and i will have mold licence in 2 weeks.
David if im in new York and have another inspector that works for mr do i need take out two policies or just one for the company?
No new york ?
I received it nice book. The thermal imagers i see you finance can you get different ones? Like the flir vue
Who gets the best deals om flir?Im looking into the flir vue to add to drone.
Is it up? Im a certified drone addict.
New Jersey. Im in wish you had one on new york but i will g
Go to jersey one.
We're here
You mite be in luck. Me and a few guys all did our paperwork in December and still have yet to get on the faa docket but it seems that everyone that applied in january received there docket number i n 3 weeks. So those guys might end up getting there exemption in 90 to 120 days. But normally its been taking like 6 months. There so much red tape. If you need any help with anything email me mattrivera@mjmhomeservice.com
The phantoms are on sale right now cheapest they have ever been. Dji is having a 10 year anniversary sale. It makes it so tempting http://click.dji.com/km9JFX-YRsQTv6dS
So your saying every post on the forum is 5 cents.
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