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Adding an exhaust fan to the upstairs hallway bathroom but no roof jack available. This in ingenious – Uncle Buck on the Home Depot week-end fix – Even the foam is scorched on the water heater flue. Now the entire “B” flue is compromised and will need to be replaced.
William Chandler wrote:
Nathan wrote:Historically, it has resulted in an increase in Home-Inspector's, resulting from an increase in schools and an increase of marketing from the schools. The worst example of this is Florida. I don't care about the regulations, and I'm not afraid of government minimums, but the massive dilution of business has been untenable in the state of Florida.

If you were starting a HI business - what state/area would you pick and why?

Any State that did not require licensing for HI

ironically for all the regulations in CA we still do not require Home Inspectors to be licensed.
Pete Campbell wrote:To add to ddh, If you advertise in print in a locality they will likely hunt you down and ask for your license.

Who uses "Print media"?
I have always taken from 50-125 pictures on average. Now I only use the pictures of issues close up but I have other pictures to back me up on issues. i.e. I always take a pic of the top of the water heater which often is higher than me. There have been times when I didn't see corrosion or a leak until I viewed them on my computer. Also, if I get a claim that it was leaking and my picture shows it was dry it will help to defend my findings.

Also, I like includling my client's auto in the driveway or a side or back of that person just to keep as a proof that they were present at the inspection. Also with a room or garage to full to view I like having a picture on hand to prove that claim but will not include the picture in the report.

I think pictures help in defining your findings.
Absolutely - booked my flight back on May 5th and my room June 20th! Looking forward to meeting and talking with others in the business.
A friend of mine who used to work in the business office of the city where I have my business license said the if I run into this type of situation, reply with: "I am only collecting data, my financial transactions are done in my business licensed office." - like the UPS trucks - only on delivery and not transacting business!

When you have a phone number on your vehicle, you are more of a target because the prefix and or area code will give away your location. With cities short on cash, there are people looking for someone not in the area to fine.
Solution - use only an 800 number - or for me I, now go incognito! - no advertising on my vehicle - I am too busy as it is.
IMO - I would stay with Master - although it sounds a bit like a slavery tier system!

On the other hand I do not like expert: "x" is the unknown and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure! LOL
Bill Devine wrote:I am about to inspect my first mobile home. I would appreciate any pointers on how this inspection will differ, and any items that I need to make sure that I inspect. Should I be certified for mobile homes? Thank you for your help.

You definitely should have a mobile home course or have another inspection go with you on your first go around. Many of the same items on a house inspection are applicable but there are some distinctions you should note i.e. platform height to door threshold; water heater strapping on a mobile home are according to the HUD regulations and not state regulations with respect to earthquake strapping; foundation setting on piers, blocks etc. are different and whether is is earthquake tie down system- again regionally different since I am in CA we have a different approach to things. Plumbing - under the sink you will have an air gap that is not allowed in the normal home for venting but allowed for the HUD home and the sew pipe will require a required flex connector called a "Calder coupling". There are different roofing requirement depending on snow loads etc.

Familiarize yourself with installation manuals.
Isaacq wrote:Can someone give me an updated list of what:
1: VA requires to be repaired before loan is issued
2: FHA requires to be repaired before loan is issued

A lot will depend on the appraiser and loan underwriter. I have had my inspection report submitted to the underwriter and the health and safety issues include: electrical - open junction boxes, loose and ungrounded outlets, lack of GFCI's and improper wiring.
The usual items on a HUD form.

I can attach a Dictionary of Deficiency Definitions that is from 2000 and a HUD Inspection Form
Terry Wilhite wrote:I am new to the forum.
I am a license home inspector and recently inspected a 125 year old home.
The current stairway to the basement (no documentation of age, but these are not as old as the home, but very aged) are steep, have very narrow treads, and very low headroom.
safety concerns:

. . .

I know it is easy to point out the obvious and we as inspectors don't enforce code.

. . .

I appreciate your feedback to initiate discussion.

Terry, you are correct in that we don't do code inspections even though codes provide the necessary structure for our findings.

My advise is this: "Hazards do not predate themselves!" If it is a hazard today, then it was back then when there was no code standard to go by. Therefore, just comment on recommendation to consider for upgrading to today's standards.
Yesterday I found these gnomes out front of a house I was inspecting and couldn't help but think they could be the "Sewer Guard" mascot
William Chandler wrote:Liger? Sounds like a club for cross-dresser's on Hotel Street in Honolulu. still, it's more exotic than rodent, so whatever. bring it.

More like a cross between a noreastern and a floridian!
Good resource, Thanks for sharing
Jenny Thornberry wrote:I think I should be given complimentary rockstar status for coming up with some of these awesome titles

If Nathan is "King" than you are the queen! -

Nathan is only "king" until the queen arrives! LOL
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