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Messages posted by: Troy Pappas
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A_Carl wrote:They need to definitely place their client's interests first. I have some I work with that absolutely want you to max the inspection and do not consider their time more important than the time their buyer needs for a thorough inspection. Time frames are the last thing an agent should be defining for an inspector. They really need to remove themselves from the inspector selection process and allow the customer to search and hire directly.

I hope that doesn't happen
Check every corner carefully
I was getting suited up to go in a crawlspace a few years back. Two guys that were about 5ft from me were buying and selling crack. I got fully suited, put on my respirator and walked by them. The look on their faces was priceless
Can we get the design team on a Poop Crawler logo please.

Those inspectors are the Sh*#!
Set up a routine you feel comfortable with and do it the same way every time.
If you're looking to hire a company just go here http://redfishinspections.com/

Nathan wrote:

Is this the test you would suggest Troy?

I don't believe it's any easier or any harder than the InterNACHI exam. I do think that an exam for professional licensing should be more difficult, but like you said this is an entry level exam for an association. They are not in the business of exclusion.
I don't think it's awesome, but I don't believe it's irrelevant.

I think it's a good baseline line test to evaluate an individuals general knowledge. I think licensing is inevitable everywhere, and there will always be testing as part of that process.

Richmond...Are you driving again Brad?
Nathan wrote:This is exactly the sentiment that has propelled the Trump to the Top, and I totally understand where you're coming from.

Here's the problem, and I'll use home inspection as an analogy. I've met over 10,000 inspectors, all of which are good people, but some just don't "get it". One in particular I had a nickname for in one of my books if anyone gets the reference- served in leadership, drinks like a fish, spewed total nonsense that is really quite harmful to the underlying business of home inspection.

Given the choice of someone with a great attitude and perfect business logic but zero inspections under his belt and that guy doing an inspection on a house I'm buying...I would pick the unnamed ignoramus.

Washington is a mess and difficult to navigate. Making decision on the federal level, especially at the executive level, requires the exact same experience that turns you off about many of the candidates.

I'm not completely sold on Trump, but I think he is smart enough to surround himself with those that have the experience and possibly learn and listen.

If the inspector with a great attitude and business logic did the same he would succeed and learn at the same time.
Juan Jimenez wrote:Yep. Thanks! I initially skimmed by it because we don't get much snow here

That could change for you in a couple of days
I want the tickets. That is relevant, and I'll only say it once so a not to be repetitive.

Count it
Awesome job!
Example: Agent has been with Berkshire Hathaway in our system forever and now is showing as being with another agency. We didn't change it.
I'm having agents ending up in different agencies without us changing anything. Has anyone else noticed this?

Not even sure how this could happen.
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